SOLVIA Finite Element System
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Fluid Element (PDF)
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Element Library
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Film Element
Program Versions

SOLVIA Documentation

The SOLVIA System is documented in the following manuals:

  • SOLVIA-PRE for Stress Analysis, Users Manual
  • SOLVIA-PRE for Temperature Analysis, Users Manual
  • SOLVIA-POST for Post-processing of Stress and Temperature Results, Users Manual
  • SOLVIA System, Linear Verification Manual
  • SOLVIA System, Nonlinear Verification Manual

The Users Manuals and the Verification Manuals are available in PDF format for easy access on disk.

SOLVIA Program Versions

The SOLVIA System is available in the following program versions:

Linear Static Stress/Temperature Version
Full size models can be used in linear static stress analysis and linear stationary temperature analysis.

Linear Dynamic Stress/Temperature Version
Full size models can be used in linear static/dynamic stress analysis and linear stationary/transient temperature analysis.

Full Program Version
Full size models can be used for all analysis capabilities in the programs, thus for linear/nonlinear, static/dynamic stress and temperature analysis.

Temperature Version
Full size models can be used for all temperature analysis capabilities in the programs, thus for linear/nonlinear and stationary/transient heat transfer.

For demo purposes, all program capabilities are available in all program versions when a small model employing a limited number of load steps is analyzed.

In addition, there are SOLVIA System versions for installation on the following platforms:

  • IA-32 architecture systems running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7;
  • Intel 64 (em64t) architecture systems running Windows XP Professional x64 edition, Windows Vista x64, 64-bit Windows 7 or Windows 8;
  • Intel 64 (em64t) architecture systems running 64-bit Linux ("Linux x86_64"). The SOLVIA System has been tested under SUSE Linux 10.1, openSUSE 10.3 and 11.4.

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